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In-app Events

Zoop will host special in-app events with partnered brands that allow fans to engage with real-life events such as releases of new TV shows by collecting related Cards.

Celebrities and brands can also drop Partnership Editions, as well as Seasonal and Holiday collections for fans to join in on.
nft game
nft game


Get into the game by playing Challenges to get unique badges, then ranking them up for Reward Points and access to exclusive communities with fellow Zoop fanatics.


Collect Cards to join your choice of exclusive Brand and Celebrity Clubs to engage with your beloved celebrities and like-minded fans.

The more cards you collect, the higher you get in the tiers of the Clubs receiving invites to unique experiences in-person and online as well as items in the MetaMerch Store from Brands and Celebrities.
nft game
nft game

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Join our Beta, stay ahead of the curve and be one of the first people to experience our Zoop ecosystem.
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