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Pass through the Gateway to the Metaverse that Zoop has built for unique Gaming experiences, and link up with brands through the Influencer & Sentiment Indexes

Gateway to the Metaverse

Zoop is opening the doors of the Metaverse for everyone! Our ecosystem allows you to easily access unique Web3 experiences in the Metaverses through the Avatars in your collection.
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Get ready to take your 3D Digital Avatars and MetaMerch into your favorite Games across multiple platforms, and earn special rewards for doing so.

Game Devs

By enabling our avatars to work in their games, they get rewarded in shared revenue from the Drops process sharing the revenue based on the amount of time users spend on their game.
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Influencer & Sentiment Index

Zoop is a part of something much larger in the ii Corporation. With our robust resources we are able to link fans with their favorite brands across the globe.
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Join our Beta

Join our Beta, stay ahead of the curve and be one of the first people to experience our Zoop ecosystem.
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