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Zoop Celebrity

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An entirely new world of creation, ownership and monetization is coming, and it can be truly overwhelming. Zoop is here to help you explore ideas today and navigate the revolution through 3D Digital Trading Cards!
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Celebrity Program


INTRODUCING, the Zoop Referral Program!

An exciting new and lucrative revenue stream for hundreds of celebrities and influencers.


  • Create your Zoop account, then log in
  • Go to your profile and get your unique referral link
  • Share your referral link to celebrities and influencers
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What a fantastic opportunity for celebrities and influencers to make the most of their online presence and put themselves in the middle of the growing digital market!

  • Promote your cards
  • Watch as they gain traction and values

Zoop Celebrity

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Collection - pertains to the collectibles and in-app games of Zoop’s officially licensed celebrities and influencers.
Promote - Zoop prioritizes building value around your collection. Create your collection and connect worldwide!
Marketplace - users will have the freedom to withdraw reward cards to their digital wallets and swap them in the external marketplaces.
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