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About Zoop

Zoop changes the way fans connect to celebrities and brands. Users can buy 3D collectables of their favourite celebrities through regular “drops” and use these digital assets to access exclusive groups and communities.

Zoop is creating an entire ecosystem, enabling users to buy, sell, trade and compete with their collected digital cards as they level up and improve their status within the Zoop community. 

Each celebrity collectable 3D avatar is a fully built digital asset that will act as an entry point into various games and experiences across the Polygon ecosystem and further afield in the web 3.0 realm and into the metaverse.

As Zoop evolves, the “Influencer Index” will be born showcasing the rankings of the top influence both globally and within micro-communities. Additionally, the “Sentiment Index” will collect deep data buckets to assist firms in better spending and targeting their advertising budgets.
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We want to lower the barriers to entry into the Web 3.0 world.


We aim to change the way fans connect to celebrities, revolutionize how fans access community experiences by collecting digital assets and open the doors to web 3.0


We believe in complete transparency and utilize blockchain technology to achieve that goal.

We don't overcomplicate things, Zoop aims to be accessible and enjoyable for everyone

We are proud to be a trusted beacon of creativity and innovation in uncharted territory.


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