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We change the way fans connect to celebrities

Priority Pass

Rewards its holders with special perks and benefits both in-app and in real life
Access to exclusive communities and celebrity experiences
Limited in number though and will only be available to mint for a short time

Platform features


Take part in the initial sale process and be the first to snag your favourite celebrity’s cards when they drop.


Collect cards in order to complete fun in-app challenges, level up by unlocking Zoop points and earn more cards and extra rewards.


Collect, buy, sell, and trade cards on the Zoop marketplace. Connect with a friend to swap cards or take your minted cards off-app and into other spaces and ecosystems across web 3.0 and the metaverse.


We are working closely with celebrities and our art team to create amazing and unique artwork for each card.Collecting cards will not only give you access to unique experiences and like-minded communities, but also be useful within the web 3.0 space in side games, the metaverse, and beyond



Q2 2022

  • Soft launch for whitelist and VIP Pass holders
  • User-testing programme
  • Sneak peek for the early bird community


Q3 2022

  • Collectible influencer card app and website
  • Banking integration
  • All cards minted into the blockchain


Q4 2022

  • Card bartering game introduced
  • Diversify influencer benefits for card ownership
  • Crypto payment support
  • Social trading elements launched


Q1 2023

  • Connection with metaverse ecosystem
  • Competitions and games created by external third platforms


What is Zoop?

Zoop is a digital trading card platform that allows users to connect to celebrities through collecting their 3D cards.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for “non-fungible token”. An NFT is essentially a digital record of ownership for a unique item that is recorded on a blockchain for everyone to see, meaning it can't be forged or manipulated by anyone. NFTs provide value through proof of ownership. An NFT can be anything but is normally a jpg, video or a gif.

Are all Zoop cards NFTs?

Yes, Zoop cards are minted in the blockchain.

What is the Zoop app for?

Zoops can bid, buy, sell, and trade celebrity cards as well as compete in games and challenges, earn points, and rank up. Users can earn special reward cards which have extra perks attached to them. Reward points can also be exchanged for Zoop tokens in the future.

Where can I get Zoop celebrity cards?

Base cards are released to the market on the Zoop app via a dutch auction-style process that we call a “drop”. This is the earliest opportunity to get your hands on a new card release.

After a card has dropped, users can buy and sell them in the marketplace. Additional unique reward cards are available for unlocking through challenges, competitions and airdrops.

Do I need cryptocurrency?

Zoop makes NFTs really simple for anyone unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies. We display everything in dollars. Cryptocurrencies can be used to fund your in-app wallet but will be converted into dollars for everyone’s ease of use.

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We are changing the way fans connect to celebrities through NFT collectibles
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The Zoop Priority Pass

Get ahead & claim exclusive benefits & rewards only available to Zoop Priority Pass holders! Dropping soon...

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Zoop Priority Pass


A Zoop token is planned to be launched within 1 year of the apps launch. Users will be able to exchange their reward points, earned in the app, into tokens, opening the door for Play to Earn (P2E) concept of gaming.

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